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Channel types:

  • Support related channels - These will be just the name like billing, career-development, etc

  • x-topics - These are channels for hobbies, interesting, etc. All names start with x-. Learn more here x- Channels

  • zlocal channels - Created for location specific groups (and zlocal-remote!). Come and talk to support pros in your same geographic region.

  • workgroups - These start with wg- or workgroup-. These are for discussion about Support Driven and various initiatives around it.

  • Event Channels - Created temporarily for people attending specific events to talk. Learn more here Specific Events (#event-*)

  • Meet SD channels - These are created monthly for the purposes of joining the meet SD matching for that month. Meet Fellow Community Members

  • u-channels - Any channel that starts with u- is for the users of a specific product. SD currently has channels for Zendesk, Help Scout, Intercom, Zapier, Desk, Freshdesk, Frontapp, Olark, Service Cloud, and WordPress Specific Tools (#u-)

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