Deleting files in Slack

From time to time you might see a message saying Support Driven has exceeded the file store limits. This is due to our community being on their free plan.

When this happens you'll get an error message uploading, but your file still posts to the channel. However, it's a good idea to delete files as soon as possible!

From the Support Driven side public files can be deleted, but anything that you've uploaded to a private channel or DM conversation needs to be manually deleted.

Thankfully Slack has some handy instructions! In general you'll want to follow these instructions. If you're using a mobile app, though, check out their support article for more specifics.

Deleting files:

  1. Click the More items icon (3 dots) in the top right

  2. Choose Your Files

  3. Choose a file to delete -- you can only delete one file at a time

  4. To confirm, click Yes, delete this file .