#zlocal-[your nearest city here]

You'll meet some amazing folks online in the Support Driven community, the #zlocal- channels are your opportunity to meet other folks in-person or talk to folks who are local to you. They might be in your city or in a city that you're visiting. There is also zlocal-remote for remote workers to talk about remote life.

Here's a few ways that people have been using local channels:

Get together over food and drink All you need to have a great event is a handful of support folks and some good food and drink. We recommend keeping it small so people will be more likely to talk to each other and enjoy the event.

Visiting a new city When you visit a new city, your trip would be more fun with some help from the locals. Drop into the local channel and get some suggestions on what to do and where to eat. If time permits and the stars align, organize a get together with some locals.

Share events that you're going to or you think would be interesting to other folks If you find it interesting, there's a chance that other folks would find it interesting too.

Talk about the local community. Talk to your peers about the local community, be it chit chat about weather, events, or just what the tech world is like locally.

Find at least one other person that wants to be in the channel with you and get in touch with @scott.