This channel is for when you need to vent about something, need a virtual hug, or need affirmation from people who understand what you're going through. It's a bit snarky, but also incredibly supportive.

It's a good idea for conversations on vents to end on supportive or neutral notes. It's very easy for negativity to encourage more negativity and it would be kind of terrible if someone feels worse after spending time in #vent. #vents are there for :hugs: and sympathy by default, but sometimes offering advice makes sense.

Keep in mind if you're complaining about a product or service, there are a bunch of products and services represented here in Support Driven. A good rule of thumb is don't write anything that would be hurtful to the people you're talking about if they heard it.

To support an environment where you can vent freely - what's shared in #vent, stays in #vent (unless you receive permission to do otherwise).