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First: Get started by sharing your name and a bit more about yourself in the #chit-chat channel! Sharing this information allows users in similar roles or with similar interests to more easily connect with you! 😄

Chit-chat is the main area where discussion takes place. Feel free to pose a question of your fellow users or hop in to help answer! ⁉️ We have a lot of other helpful channels as well, so take a look at our channel directory here. 📓

Looking for general resources or information about upcoming events, blog posts, or community information? You can use the Guru search command:

/guru + the information you're looking for.

For example, if you type:

/guru channels

You'll be able to pull up a copy of our channel directory. Give it a try and see what's available!

Finally, our community guidelines are here. Read through them to better understand the community and how you can contribute and benefit!