Talk Editor Resources

Writing an intro for your speaker

A good intro for your speaker will introduce them as a person. It's likely that the speaker will probably start their talk by telling you where they work, what their role is and it's also likely that their talk is probably work related. To help the audience get a better sense of the person up in front of them, try to include some personal facts about the speaker. Where they are from or where they currently live, any hobbies or interests they have, favorite foods or colors, that kind of thing.

Intros should be pretty short, maybe three sentences or so. Intros are due to the Speaker Wrangler on the same date that slides are due.

Follow up questions for after the talk

You'll also be responsible for writing a prompt or question to get people talking after your speaker is finished. Prompts should be easily tied into the topic, and remain general enough that people across different disciplines can answer.

Past Editors

These are people who have been talk editors in the past, and will probably be more than happy to help assist you whether you're a speaker or a new talk editor!Slack NameReal Name(tm)

Slack NameReal Name
foolChris McCraw
giovanna.allegrettiGiovanna Allegretti
snackChristina Jones
chaselivingstonChase Livingston
chelseaChelsea Stroh
justinreistJustin Reist
mdMatt Dale
scottScott Tran